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Websites pay nothing to implement AI Pay

import { useSessionData } from "ai-pay-react-hooks";
import react from "react";

export function AiPayExample(): React.ReactNode {
  const {
    browserExtensionInstalled, // false (Will update when browser extension installed)
    sessionState, // UNANSWERED (Will update when session state changes)
  } = useSessionData();

  if (!browserExtensionInstalled) {
    return <div>
      <AiPayExampleNotInstalledHeader />
      <AiPayExampleForWebsites />
      <AiPayExampleForUsers />
      <DownloadBrowserExtension />

  if (sessionState !== "ACTIVE") {

  return ...

Users pay a few cents for their individual AI costs

This feature requires that you download the AI Pay browser extension.

For Websites: AI Pay is a tool that enables websites to implement AI and pass on the costs to the users of the website.
For Users: The AI Pay browser extension allows users to access AI features such as this one. Receive 100 free credits when you sign up. No credit card required.
Note: You may need to reload the page after downloading the browser extension.

AI Pay Session State: UNANSWERED

Start a session using the AI Pay browser extension popup.
How to start a new session? Click the AI Pay browser extension icon and click the start session button. For for information, visit the tutorial page.

Who is AI Pay for?


Websites can use AI Pay to implement AI products aimed to improve user experience.

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Users of the browser extension

Users use AI Pay to unlock AI features on websites.
Receive 20 free credits when you sign up. No credit card required.

Download Now - It's Free!

How It Works?

User downloads AI Pay

It takes a few clicks to add AI Pay to your browser.

Website requests AI Usage

Websites use code to ask the browser extension for an AI Pay session. The browser extension will automatically detect and notify the user when a website wants to use AI Pay.

User starts a session

The user specifies a session budget and starts a session. Starting a session allows the website to develop AI features to improve the user experience. The session is only valid for the user's current website at the point when they start the session.

Website can use AI to improve use experience

The website can now use AI Pay to call AI Apis (developer jargon) for free to deliver awesome AI features. The website can use AI while there is an active session and the session has a remaining budget.

User enjoys the AI features

For a very small amount of money the user can gain access to AI features that are only possible with AI Pay. Without AI Pay the website would have no way of paying for their AI usage.

Stop session

The session automatically stops when the user leaves the website or when the user directly stops the session.

AI Pay Use Cases

AI Pay can be used to power any AI website. Here are a few examples.